Health & Safety Consultancy

We are now offering a valuable service to business and self-employed persons who intend to re-open in the near future. We are available to carry out workplace safety audits to ensure compliance with the new workplace guidelines for Covid-19.  Contact Lisa for more information.

Gorman Health and Safety has over 15 years experience in Occupational Health and Safety preparing Safety Statements and conducting health and safety audits for organisations throughout Ireland.

What is a Safety Statement?
Safety Statements are required by law of all companies since the Safety, Health and Welfare Act, 2005. The safety statement is effectively a company’s documented Health & Safety Management programme for ensuring the safety, health and welfare of all its employees whilst at work. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) enforces these regulations, and has recently penalised and fined hundreds of companies throughout Ireland for not being health and safety compliant.

Site/Workplace Safety Audits

Gorman Health and Safety provides a comphrensive workplace/site auditing service to ensure your business is compliant with current health and safety legislation and best practice guidelines. On completion, a full report is delivered setting out the hazards and risks identified. We then liaise with the company to deliver practical solutions while ensuring appropriate control measures are in place.

Our team can perform a once off safety audit or a provide a continual service over an agreed timeframe.

Why Choose Gorman Health and Safety?
If you choose Gorman Health and Safety to prepare your safety statement, we will visit your premises to review your operations. The site visit ensures that we accounts for all the potential hazards and risks that your employees may be exposed to during the course of their duties and that all appropriate risk assessments are developed. We will then prepare a company specific, fully compliant, comprehensive Safety Statement if required we will induct employees to this document.